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2020-09-10 11:46 PDT

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools have beenclosed for the past 6 months. It is very important to realize that starting today; school zone speed and safety enforcement will begin again.

School zones are back into effect. Watch your speed


This year’s return to school will be different from all others, with many schools having varying start and end times. Drivers will have to be extra vigilant when travelling in school zones, as students may be picked up or dropped off at unconventional times depending on the school’s efforts to limits students in class rooms.

Every year there are children that are walking or riding their bikes to school for the first time. They are finding their route and routine and need extra time and room while they get comfortable in their journey. We also need to be aware of the increasing loss of light. If your commute includes areas where children walk, they will be harder to spot in the mornings and afternoons.

According to ICBC statistics, every year across the Province, 380 children are injured and 6 are killed while walking or cycling. This includes 86 who areinjured in playground and school zones.

Oceanside RCMP and Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers (Speed Watch) will be out in all school zones reminding the public to slow down.
Back to school-zone math is simple, (speed greater than 30km/h in a school-zone equals a fine of $196 at minimum). – States Cpl. Foreman

Released by:
Cpl. Jesse Foreman
Oceanside RCMP

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