Wire thieves causing havoc


2019-10-17 07:37 PDT

File # 2019-11405

In the past 10 days, Oceanside RCMP have been notified of 5 different thefts and attempted thefts of Telus communication lines. An unknown thief or thieves have cut communications lines in Nanoose Bay, Errington and Meadowood. The thieves steal the wire in order to sell the copper as scrap. Unfortunately, this jeopardizes everyone’s safety and convenience as communications (including 911) and internet can be down for several hours as a result. This mischief and theft also causes Telus employees to divert from other important projects in order to fix lines, not to mention costing several thousand dollars per repair.

Some areas where lines have been damaged include:

If you have any information that can assist the RCMP and Telus in tracking down a suspect, please call the Oceanside RCMP at (250) 248-6111. If you witness anyone tampering with communication lines, please call 911.

Released by

Cpl. Jesse Foreman

Operations Support NCO
Oceanside RCMP
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Office: 250-248-6111 extension 245

Email: bcrcmp@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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